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Hot Deli Sandwiches and Hoagies


Cheese Steak - The same generous portion of thinly sliced steak as our plain steak with added cheese melted throughout. We suggest melted American cheese or choose Swiss or provolone.


Mushroom Cheese Steak - Sauteed mushrooms and melted cheese with a taste that makes this sandwhich a deli favorite.


Pizza Cheese Steak - Our delicious steak with pizza sauce and melted provolone cheese.


Pepperoni Pizza Cheese Steak - Pepperoni, pizza sauce and cheese blended with a generous portion of steak.


4 Bagger - Chicken cheese steak with bacon, mushroom and BBQ sauce.


Bulldog Cheese Steak - "A little bit of bite!" with extra hot pepper cheese.


Saints Smoked Ham and Extra Hot Pepper Cheese



Cold Deli Hoagies - Sliced Fresh


Italian Hoagie - Choice Hams and provolone cheese are nestled in a hearth baked Italian roll.


Hoagie Man Special - Choice hams, cured dried prosciutto and aged provolone cheese

on a hearth baked roll.


Turkey Hoagie - Low Sodium, low fat and delicious flavor. Try this sandwich with you choice of American, provolone or Swiss cheese.


Roast Beef Hoagie - Low in fat and delicious. Try this sandwich with your choice of American, Swiss or provolone.


Ham and Cheese Hoagie - Thinly sliced imported ham with your choice of American,

Swiss or provolone cheese.


Ham and Turkey Hoagie - Low Sodium, low fat turkey and Imported ham that is also

low in sodium.


Roast Beef and Turkey Hoagie - Thinly sliced lean roast beef and turkey. You may select a combination of condiments to make it your special sandwich.


Tuna Hoagie - Try this light, water packed tuna with your favorite cheese. The tuna is mixed with mayonnaise with nothing else added.


Corned Beef Special - Corned beef and Swiss cheese slices on a hearth baked Italian roll or rye bread with Thousand Island dressing and cole slaw.


Chicken Salad Hoagie - White meat chicken blended with salad dressing, celery,

sugar and spice.


Vegetarian Hoagie - Lettuce, sliced tomato, onion, cucumber plus slices of provolone and sharp provolone cheese with your choice of our blended olive oil or fresh dilled salad dressing.


Artichoke Vegetarian - Made with artichokes, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, mild provalone cheese and mayo. Warmed in the oven.



Hoagie Man Potatoes


Hoagie Man Fries


Hoagie Man Cheese Fries - With Cheddar Cheese.


Hoagie Chips


Cheese Hoagie Chips - With or without chili.





Chef Salad - Sliced turkey breast, ham and American cheese on a bed of lettuce with a touch of tomato, cucumber slices, and egg.


Tossed Salad - Lettuce with tomato and cucumber.


Chicken Salad - Marinated natural chicken breast on a bed of lettuce.


Tuna Salad - A healthy portion of water packed tuna in a mayonnaise based dressing on a tossed salad base.



Children's Menu


1/2 Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Fries


1/2 Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich and Fries


1/2 Turkey Sandwich and Fries


1/2 Peanut butter and Jelly with Fries


Chicken Strips and Fries


Meat tray with Cheese, Ham and Turkey


Hot Dog and fries



Soups Daily


Cup or Bowl


Bread Bowl







Cheese Cakes








Chocolate Eclairs

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